twenty twenty a video made in collaboration with Théophile Boutin

A small plastic bottle cap falls like a drop of water onto an immaculate floor. A character, dressed entirely in black, shod in rangers, thinks he can just sweep it up with a broom. But it becomes a torrent ! A torrent of multicoloured caps gushes down, catching the character off guard. Helpless, he nevertheless continues to sweep frantically. To no avail ! A last gasp, and the character disappears beneath an ocean of bottle tops..

twenty twenty is a two minute video that works through tension, a metaphor for an accelerating time bomb. Frenetic tension that becomes paralysing, a battle lost in advance. The tension of a power struggle, of a deafening noise. Yet, while the protagonist is condemned to paralysis, the dazed viewer is moved to act, to reject the noise. twenty twenty is an invitation to action, to rethink a system rather than to push it aside.

(text by Eleonore Buschinger)