This series is named after the process of metamorphosis, which is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “ 1. the process in which an insect or an amphibian changes from its young form to its adult form in two or more separate stages 2. the process in which somebody/something changes completely into something different”

In the same way that life does, photography evolves. The photographer is no longer the invisible eye behind the camera, aiming to reproduce an image perfectly. No, the photographer is now a visible presence in the final outcome.

Each frame contains the same image printed four times in the darkroom using four different processes, beginning with the correct colour filtered print and finishing with the equivalent of the negative.

1. Print with the correct colour filter. 2. Controlled light leak: we used light to draw onto the print. 3. Print made without any colour filter. 4. Contact print of the print without any filter.

These photographs are about creativity, light, touch, process but also time and memory. There is a parallel between these four identical, but different photographs and the constantly evolving nature of memories. The decisive moment does not exist, just as memory is a construction, a single photograph has many decisive moments through out its creation.